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Prepping For Survival

Prepping for Survival. Prepping is common sense on steroids. That definition is what I have approached my survival scenarios with, from home security, family safety, food etc

Live Plants

The methods that humans have come up with over the years to cope with stress are vast and numerous, but one thing is for certain. Stress can be one of the biggest things to hold us back. If we learn positive coping mechanisms for our stressors, then we can easily become unstoppable.

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If you’re upset about your weight and want to lose a little more, get this....


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***We have put together a well-rounded survival vegetable kits with the proper ratios of varieties and counts. Some of the seeds that are higher in quantity are smaller seeds and usually are seeded heavier. This seed kit will enable you to have the best nutritional value from the food that you grow for yourself and your family and friends. We hope you will find this to be the best survival Heirloom vegetable kit on the market. You have more than enough to supply yourself and your family and friends in need with food! We don't want to give you a DOOMSDAY STORY, BUT Really think about what is going on in the world. If you start saving your seeds now and growing and harvesting the food you will have a much better chance of survival. Start canning and dehydrating your food now. You can harvest food even on your balcony, porch, small backyard by doing small plantings and repeating the growing process several times through the growing season. If you have a small greenhouse or cold frame you can grow in the winter. We really want you to focus on Self Sustainability and the need to remember what our forefathers did to survive on this wonderful piece of land we call MOTHER EARTH!